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Quality Carpet Supplies and Fitting...

One of the most popular and still amongst the most coveted of all new floorings - the combination of a quality made carpet & underlay!

Whilst we recommend British made carpets (for their superior manufacture and durability) we also offer a large choice of carpeting
to suit every need and most budgets. Whether you're looking for a
quality, stain resistant carpet for a dining room or an economic
and hardwearing flooring for a childs bedroom - we pride
ourselves on being able to help you find the right solution.

We offer a selection of quality underlays with which to enhance the feel and performance of your new carpet together with a whole armoury of tailored edging and fixing strips, threshold bars and grippers to ensure the perfect fit and finish every time.

Trust Finch Flooring to create the flooring of your dreams...
Wonderful Wood Floors...

The beauty and timeless elegance of a real wood floor is yours for the asking! From classic European Oak to the warmth of American Walnut.

Your new wood floor will be precision machined from perfectly prepared raw materials only from F.S.C. certified suppliers who responsibly manage their timber supplies and provide for the future too.

Choose from 20mm thick solid engineered planks or the
popular 14mm real-wood 'clic' and floating flooring. We provide large size multi-plank samples so you can accurately gauge the look and finish for yourself safe in the knowledge that we offer matching edge mouldings, skirtings (traditional and contemporary) and finishing
profiles across the range.

Finch Flooring is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in the fitting of solid wood floors - for the ultimate natural finish to your home...
Fabulous Laminates...

Low maintenance and hard wearing - if that sounds like your kind of flooring then consider a laminate floor covering from Finch Flooring.

There are now a whole NEW generation of innovative fitting systems for laminates - all with amazing guarantees regarding finish and
durability - it's time to take a fresh look at Laminates! With options of sound reducing underlay and complementary threshold matting
to reduce cleaning - laminates now offer a huge range of
colours, styles, textures and contours so you can truly have the finish
you choose in the style you always wanted.

We carry a very large selection of laminates in stock - across a range of prices to suit every pocket and every need. We guarantee the quality with flooring that represents great value for money too!

Change to Laminates and change the way you think about flooring...
Luxury Vinyl Tiles...

Enjoy the benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles anywhere in your home, home office or workplace. With so many styles, colours and textures - the possibilities are endless!

LVT's are warm to the touch, so no more cold feet in the small hours
and their easy-clean stain resistant surface means they're one of the most hygenic floor coverings you can own. Modern manufacturing methods provide stunning finishes that can look like wood,
ceramic tiling and now in fabulous natural stone finishes too.

For a more adventurous or creative finish - these styles and finishes can be combined to produce the most stunning multi-featured flooring - perhaps to deliniate different areas within the same floorspace or to complement different arcitectural features within a room.

Ask how Luxury Vinyl Tiles can transform your home today...
Testing and Levelling...

Carpets breath! - so new homes or floors that are not technically perfectly dry, can be carpeted and any moisture present will naturally evaporate - but Laminates, Luxury Tiles and Wood floors are a lot happier on perfectly dry and perfectly level floors - and that's where we can help...

We employ the latest electronic moisture measuring devices to determine any possible future problems caused by high moisture
levels in your floors. It's state-of-the-art, it's 100% accurate - and
it's FREE with every quote. If high levels of moisture are present we can offer to lay epoxy resin based damp proof membranes prior to fitting.

Where your original floor is not level or so uneven as to create problems fitting your new flooring - we can correct all that by applying a 100% safe, water based ECi levelling compound to make it true - and like new!

Ask how Luxury Vinyl Tiles can transform your home today...
Custom Designs and finishing...

A floor is one of the largest single sufaces in every room in your home. Flooring should never be thought of as simply a covering - but as one of the very building blocks upon which the entire design of a room is forged.

Not only do you need a flooring specialist who understands this but
also one who has the skill and experience to ensure your needs and wants are perfectly translated into a wonderfully beautiful finish.

You need fitters and installers who understand that the 'devil is always in the detail' and who have the ability to adapt and adjust the range of materials available to them to bring out the very best in a room.

At Finch Flooring we can combine products to create floorscapes that complement and even enhance the architectural features in a room - we can manipulate floorcoverings like no other to create something that not only defines your home perfectly but which is truly unique.
Natural Materials...

There is something unmistakeable about the look and feel of natural fibre under foot - it has a warmth and character all its own and imparts those same values on any room.

Popular choices are seagrass, jute, flatweave, coir (pronounced 'coy-ya') and sisal. They are extermely hard wearing considering the humble origins of the material whilst the miriad of subtle variations in the
surface finish create a natural organic feel to the entire floor.

Natural flooring requires an understanding and appreciation of the raw material and its working in order to get the very best from this wonderful range of materials. It must be correctly prepared, acclimatised to the environment in which it is to be installed and professionally fitted to ensure resistance to shrinkage and distortion.

Finch flooring's experience with natural flooring is seldom equalled...
Questions and Answers...

Q: Why do I need new underlay?
A: As underlay ages, it loses it's retention or 'spring' and so not only will the feel of the new carpet underfoot suffer as a result but it will deminish the appearance too. New underlay will reduce flattening in a carpet for longer as compression is bourne by the underlay as much as the carpet itself.

Q: Why should I invest more in purchasing Luxury Vinyl Tiles?
A: LVT's last longer than conventional continuous vinyl flooring and should any single part become
damaged then only the tiles affected need be replaced rather than the whole floor.

Q: How long does it take from acceptance of a quote to a finished floor?
A: This can vary - but where we have the chosen flooring in stock and our schedule will allow - then seven to ten days is not unusual.

Q: Do you offer credit on flooring projects?
A: No we do not - but we don't ask for any money in advance either - unless the chosen flooring material is having to be specially ordered or sized.

Q: Does the cost include the actual fitting and any fittings such as gripper etc.?
A: When we calculate the cost of your chosen flooring we will ensure the cost of fitting, fittings and accessories is discussed so that you can see just how the cost is arrived at - but the final price agreed is the price you will pay - unless you decide on any alterations prior to or during the installation.
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With the modern homeowner constantly being bombarded by offers of temptingly cheap flooring - via the media and on the high street - the saying "you get what you pay for" has never been so true. At Finch Flooring we believe in offering quality products at realistic prices - installed with professionalism, precision and care.

You won't find any gimmicks here, no exaggerated claims, just professional floorlayers who enjoy nothing more than a beautifully fitted floor, a big smile from the customer and a handshake to mark yet another successful installation.